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Man Arrested For Robbery Spree In East Nashville

A convicted felon’s choice to spend his Saturday morning robbing people in Cedar Hill and Shelby Parks has landed him in jail tonight on multiple armed robbery counts.
Officer Sunny Park and his colleagues from the East and Madison Precincts converged on David Allen Smith, Jr., 24, as he drove his red Ford F-150 pickup truck on Gallatin Pike near Briley Parkway.  Recovered from the truck were a revolver and ski mask.  Smith later admitted to today’s crime spree during questioning by Detectives Carney White and Rex Davenport.
Smith, of Fern Avenue, began by driving through Cedar Hill Park at 9:25 a.m.  He pulled up beside a woman walking in the park, pointed the gun at her while wearing a black mask and demanded, “Give me everything you got!”  The victim replied that she was not carrying a wallet or money.  Smith drove on and did the same thing moments later to a husband and wife walking in the park.  The man surrendered his wallet.  His wife gave up her cell phone.  Smith headed toward Shelby Park.
At 10 a.m., a man was fishing in Shelby Park when Smith pulled up in his pickup truck wearing the black mask.  He demanded the fisherman’s wallet and cell phone.  The victim ran away and Smith fled.
At 10:10 a.m., two men were walking on Riverside Drive near Brittany Drive when Smith drove up to them.  He demanded their wallets at gunpoint.  One victim threw his wallet into the truck.  The other said he didn’t have any money.  Smith drove away and was headed back toward Madison when Officer Park spotted his vehicle and called for other officers to assist in stopping it.
Smith is jailed tonight on three counts of aggravated robbery and three counts of attempted aggravated robbery.
At the time of his arrest today, Smith was free on $39,000 bond stemming from his arrest in February on charges of burglary, theft and drug possession.  Smith was convicted of burglary and felony theft in 2009 and received three-year sentences.

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