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Investigators Seize 20 Kilo's Of Cocaine in East Nashville

An investigation by MNPD Narcotics detectives and DEA Task Force agents into the trafficking of large amounts of cocaine from Mexico to Nashville resulted in this afternoon’s seizure of 20 kilogram bricks of cocaine (44 pounds) valued at $700,000. Officers took down the shipment as it arrived at a storage facility on Brick Church Pike. The cocaine was driven to Nashville in a U-Haul trailer pulled by a pickup truck. The 20 bricks were concealed inside a red compressor tank that accompanied other maintenance supplies in the trailer. A large quantity of cash carried by one of the defendants was also seized. Five persons have been taken into custody thus far. Among them is Ivan Crump, 31, of Litton Avenue, who is alleged to have been conducting counter surveillance for the cocaine shipment as it traveled on Nashville’s streets. As detectives and task force agents moved in on the cocaine shipment at the storage facility, officers on Brick Church Pike attempted to stop Crump, who was driving a rented Hyundai sedan from the Nashville airport. Upon seeing the officers’ blue lights, Crump recklessly accelerated to a high rate of speed. The officers did not engage in the speeding. When Crump reached the intersection of Brick Church Pike and Ewing Drive, he attempted to turn right onto Ewing Drive. He took the turn too wide, and collided with an MTA special needs bus that was turning left onto Ewing Drive from Brick Church Pike. The bus then collided with a passenger car. Four persons on the bus (the driver and three adult passengers) and three persons in the passenger car (one adult and two children) were taken to area hospitals with non-critical injuries. All seven individuals were treated and released.

After colliding with the bus, Crump bailed out of the Hyundai and attempted to flee the area on foot. Officers took him into custody a short distance away.

A police officer slightly injured in a minor auto collision at the storage facility was also treated at an area hospital and released.

The investigation into this cocaine case by the Narcotics Unit and the DEA Task Force (which includes members of the TBI and Tennessee Highway Patrol) remains active.


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