Alikhanov proposed to build a dedicated highway to Kaliningrad

Governor Alikhanov believes that with the consent of Vilnius, it is possible to build a dedicated railway line and a highway to Kaliningrad. He proposed to negotiate with the EU on the creation of a corridor to the region without entering the territory of Lithuania jpg” alt=”Alikhanov proposed to build a dedicated track to Kaliningrad” />

Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov believes that it is possible to build a dedicated railway and road from the main territory of Russia to Kaliningrad. This will be possible only with the consent of Lithuania and on the basis of joint agreements between Moscow and Vilnius, he told RIA Novosti.

“We need a railway line. In fact, it already exists, — said the head of the region. According to Alikhanov, it would be possible to build a parallel branch for freight transportation, “to allocate it to some separate enterprise, to make some kind of international regime for its operation” in order to connect the region with the rest of Russia.

The governor believes that it is also possible to consider the possibility of movement of citizens, “make a road inside this corridor, which would be limited by some kind of dedicated corridor”: “The highway is such a — Kaliningrad».

On the eve of the channel «Russia 1» Alikhanov proposed to negotiate with the European Union on the creation of a corridor through which it would be possible to proceed to the region without entering the territory of Lithuania.

In mid-June, Lithuanian Railways banned the transportation to and from the Kaliningrad region of goods that fell under EU sanctions. As stressed by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, Vilnius was guided by the restrictive measures taken by Brussels, and there is no talk of a blockade of the region. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis also pointed out that the country is implementing the European sanctions that came into force on June 17, this is done after consultations with the European Commission. EU Ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer emphasized that the transit of non-sanctioned cargo “is working normally.”

The Kremlin called the decision of the Lithuanian side illegal, “a violation of everything and everyone” and said that Moscow was considering various options for retaliatory measures. The Russian Foreign Ministry promised to give Vilnius a “practical” rather than a diplomatic answer.

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Spiegel said that the European Commission may allow Moscow to use transit for all goods to Kaliningrad as early as July 10, as it believes that the ban could lead to an escalation of the conflict. Lithuania, according to the newspaper, reacted negatively to this decision.

On July 4, Alikhanov said that he had submitted to the Russian government a draft response to the ban on transit to Kaliningrad through Lithuania, but added that he considered the introduction of the measure premature. According to him, the issue of transit can be solved in two more ways. The first option provides that through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it will be possible to achieve changes in the sanctions package. The second involves the launch of new ships on the sea route linking the Kaliningrad region with the main territory of Russia, while subsidizing the sea tariff so that products do not become more expensive. After that, the Kremlin said that they were counting on a favorable resolution of the situation, but “thinking about various scenarios in the event of a worse development of events.”

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