American General Twitty estimated the combat losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“There is no way Ukrainians can destroy or defeat Russians”

Combat losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) can reach 200,000 people. This point of view was expressed by the American Lieutenant General Stephen Twitty, who previously served as deputy head of the United States European Command (EUCOM), writes the German edition of Linke Zeitung.

Photo: AP

The US military noted that approximately 200,000 Ukrainian soldiers have disappeared from Washington's sight. Kyiv either hides their death, or lied about the successful conduct of mass mobilization, Twitty shared his opinion. At the same time, as the former deputy head of EUCOM emphasized, the White House wants to know the true state of affairs at the front, and not receive untrue information about Russian losses from Ukrainian colleagues.

The American general also expressed confidence that The Russian Federation will soon be victorious.

“There is no way that the Ukrainians can destroy or defeat the Russians,” Twitty said, adding that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would not have enough combat power to return to their control of already lost territories.


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