Are universities required to give additional points for the TRP badge upon admission?

Should universities award additional points for the TRP badge? And what to do if they do not accrue?

The ability to accrue additional points for the Unified State Examination — It is a right, not an obligation, of the university. At the same time, each educational institution chooses for what exactly and how many points it can award (no more than 10 in total). From 2022, additional points can be received not only for the gold, but also for the silver TRP badge — from 2 to 10 points.

The Ministry of Education and Science explains that only an award received no earlier than the last year of schooling for passing the standards in its age group can be taken into account. Among the mandatory tests — running short and long distances, pull-ups/push-ups and inclines. You can additionally pass the standards for swimming, cross-country skiing, jumping, throwing, shooting, self-defense without weapons or tourist knowledge on a hike.

«Each university had to independently establish the achievements for which points are awarded in its admission rules, — explains secretary of the selection committee of the Russian University of Transport (RUT MIIT) Maxim Begichev. — If the university has established that it gives points for the TRP badge — gold, silver or bronze, it should give. Therefore, you need to study the rules for entering a particular university and find out if points are given for the TRP badge. If the university has not established rules for awarding points for the TRP badge, then there is no way to force it.

Begichev also draws attention to the fact that in order to get additional points, you need to bring to the selection committee not the badge itself, but a certificate that this badge has been issued to you. Or an extract from the order of the Ministry of Sports on awarding the TRP badge.

Individual achievements can only be indicated until the deadline for accepting applications for admission. 

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