Bloomberg learned about 4 EU countries that agreed to pay for gas in a new way

According to a Bloomberg source, four European companies have already paid for gas supplies from Russia in rubles. Ten more countries have opened special accounts with Gazprombank. Earlier, Gazprom stopped gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

Ten European buyers have already opened special accounts with Gazprombank; to pay for Russian gas supplies in rubles, Bloomberg reports citing a source close to Gazprom.

According to him, four European companies have already paid for gas supplies from Russia in rubles. In total, the list of gas buyers from the list of “unfriendly” There are 23 countries, the agency specified.

Earlier in the day, Gazprom announced the suspension of gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria due to the lack of payment from the energy companies of these countries in rubles. The company also warned that if Bulgaria and Poland start unauthorized extraction of Russian gas from transit volumes, then supplies for transit will be reduced by the same amount. After the decision of “Gazprom” gas in Europe has risen in price by 16%.

After that, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that Russia's cessation of gas supplies to Polish and Bulgarian consumers is unacceptable and indicates Moscow's intention to use energy resources as an instrument of blackmail. According to the EC explanations, the new gas payment scheme in rubles is in potential conflict with the sanctions regime against Russia.

On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to transfer payments from unfriendly countries (the list includes all EU countries, the USA, Great Britain and a number of other states) for gas into rubles. The scheme began to work from 1 April. Nevertheless, already in mid-April, Putin noted that there were failures in paying for Russian oil and gas supplies to unfriendly countries.

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The press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, in a conversation with journalists on April 18, refused to name the countries that agreed to pay for gas in rubles. According to him, this information “is hardly subject to publication.” Earlier, he also warned that Russia would not do charity work and supply gas to Western European countries for free.

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