Bloomberg: new US sanctions against Russia may affect currency exchange

It became known the condition under which new restrictive measures may be introduced against our country.

The United States and the European Union are currently considering the possibility of introducing new tough sanctions against Russia.

The package of restrictive measures provides for serious restrictions on currency exchange.

Such a scenario, according to the West, can be implemented if Russia & # 8220; attacks & # 8221; to Ukraine.

According to Bloomberg, citing informed sources, the largest Russian banks and even RDIF may fall under the sanctions.

The most probable restrictions are American journalists referring to the transfer of rubles to other currencies, including euros and pounds sterling.

The most radical solution may be to ban Russia from accessing the SWIFT system, but this, according to Bloomberg, will harm ordinary Russians.

Interlocutors of journalists are sure that The head of the US White House, Joe Biden, may voice the issue of imposing such tough sanctions to Vladimir Putin during a conversation on December 7.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Dmitry Peskov commented on the information about a new tough package of US sanctions.

The Kremlin's official speaker called this information & # 8220; information hysteria & # 8221 ;.


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