Borrell announced the depletion of EU military stocks due to support for Ukraine

Europe should focus on strengthening its defense capabilities: increase spending on it and be more coordinated in this matter, Borrell said. The existing system has many shortcomings, they were exposed by the events in Ukraine “Borrell announced the depletion of EU military stocks due to support for Ukraine” />

Josep Borrell

Europe must strengthen its defense potential, which is now depleted due to the provision of military assistance to Ukraine, said EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell in his blog.

He called for the creation of its own armed forces in the European Union, because Europe is “at risk” and its current security system has “gaps”.

“The depleted stocks as a result of the military support we have provided to Ukraine are the most obvious example of our shortcomings.” ,— wrote a diplomat.

Borrell called the conflict in Ukraine “a wake-up call for the security and defense of the EU.” In his opinion, members of the union should increase spending in the military sphere. He noted that since 2008, when there was a financial crisis in the world, the EU countries began to reduce defense spending, the maximum reduction was in 2014, and only now funding has returned to the pre-crisis level, which Borrell considers insufficient. He pointed out that over the past 22 years, “total EU defense spending has increased by only 20%” against 66% for the United States, 292% for Russia and 592% for China.

As another problem, the diplomat called the weak coordination of the EU countries in this matter: according to his data, in 2020 only 11% of investments in defense were spent jointly, although the benchmark— it's 35%.

On May 16, Borrell announced that the EU foreign ministers had decided to provide Kyiv with military assistance in the amount of «500 million. the diplomat pointed out and added that this aid is free of charge, unlike other deliveries to Kyiv.

Two days earlier, the foreign ministers of the G7 (which includes Britain, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Japan and the United States) in a joint statement confirmed their intention to continue to provide Ukraine with military assistance “for as long as necessary.” Washington has already taken steps in this direction: on May 21, US President Joe Biden signed a law providing $40 billion in aid to Ukraine for fiscal year 2022.

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On May 6, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal announced that since the end of February, Ukraine has received weapons and financial assistance for more than $12 billion.

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