Defense Ministry announced strikes on Ukrainian targets with high-precision missiles

The strikes were carried out on military targets in the areas of the settlements of Barvenkovo, Gulyaipole, Kamyshevakh, Zelenoe Pole, Velikomikhailovka and Nikolaev. Artillery hit 315 AFU targets overnight, Konashenkov said “The Ministry of Defense announced strikes on Ukrainian targets with high-precision missiles” />

The Russian military destroyed 16 Ukrainian military facilities overnight with high-precision missiles, the Ministry of Defense reported. Attacks were made on five command posts, a fuel depot, three ammunition depots, and “personnel and military equipment.” in the areas of the settlements of Barvenkovo, Gulyaipole, Kamyshevakha, Zelenoe Pole, Velikomikhailovka and Nikolaev.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

The operational-tactical aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces also attacked 108 areas of concentration of “personnel Ukrainian military equipment,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov. In the Buda area, an air-to-air missile A Ukrainian drone was shot down. Army aviation also destroyed eight tanks and other armored combat vehicles in the areas of Pashkovo, Veseloye and Ilyichevka.


The strikes of the Iskanders four depots of weapons and Ukrainian military equipment were destroyed, as well as “three areas of concentration of enemy manpower near the settlements of Popasnaya, Yampol and Kramatorsk.”

Russian artillery hit 315 targets of Ukrainian troops during the night. “18 command posts, 22 artillery batteries, the Osa-AKM anti-aircraft missile system, as well as 275 enemy strongholds and areas of concentration of manpower” were put out of action, Konashenkov said.

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Russian military special operation in Ukraine continues from February 24. Among its goals, President Vladimir Putin called “denazification”; and the demilitarization of the country.

After the start of the special operation, Ukraine stopped diplomatic relations with Moscow and declared martial law.

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