Defenseless Britain?

She sent her 4,000 ATGMs to Ukraine

It seems that Great Britain, despite being a European state, was capable of real sacrifice and deprivation. From the next part of the conversation between the pranksters Vovan and Lexus and the British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, which they posted on Tuesday, it became known that almost all NLAW man-portable anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) that were in service with the British army were transferred to Ukraine.


“We were all right. We have sent you more than 4000 pieces. And more on the way. (…) We are already running out of our own arsenal. But every day I either talk to the Minister (Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy) Reznikov, or write messages to him, ”Wallace himself told the pranksters. True, he thought he was talking to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

Can you imagine, is the whole country really left defenseless against hypothetical Russian tanks? Well, let them be on the island, well, let them be a member of NATO. But Russian tanks do exist. And all for the sake of friendship. They sacrificed their safety.

Not though. They didn't donate. That is, ATGMs were handed over, of course, but not for free. In short, they sold it.

The imaginary Prime Minister Shmygal, by the way, complained to the British Minister of Defense that NLAWs often fail. Perhaps this is so. But still, the main claim of experts to these ATGMs is their exorbitant price.

Of course, Ukraine is not capable of paying for this itself. They give her money for it. It's just that when you hear that the European Union has allocated another billion euros to Ukraine, you need to understand that the money sometimes goes not for food. And not for the repair of destroyed buildings. This money is allocated for the purchase of European weapons by Ukraine.

And the last touch to complete the picture. NLAW ATGMs entered service with the British Army in 2009. Highly sophisticated weapons stuffed with electronics have their own warranty periods. I can't say for sure about NLAW, but it's estimated to be 15 years old.

So take it. Throw away anyway.


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