DPR officer explained why Kyiv banned the withdrawal of troops from Donetsk

“Zelensky is ready to bury everyone”

The Ukrainian headquarters of the joint forces in the Donbass has requested a large-scale retreat from Donetsk. This is reported by the Ukrainian information Telegram channel. MK asked the expert to comment on this request.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

It follows from the message that this forced measure is necessary so that the groups of the armed forces of Ukraine (APU) do not get into an environment. Russian troops have already reached the rear of the Ukrainian group. Its complete destruction, according to the command, is a matter of several days. The withdrawal of troops could save the situation, and would allow the continuation of defensive battles in the area of ​​​​Dzerzhinsk and Kramatorsk, the channel reports.

But Zelensky opposes any retreat, who believes that any surrender of positions will be used by Russian media in the information war against Ukraine. A retired officer of the People's Militia of the DPR, on condition of anonymity, spoke about the real motives of the Ukrainian president.

“Some Ukrainian sources report that now there is really panic in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is associated with several points,” the source told MK. – One of them is that the Ukrainian group near Donetsk is practically surrounded. They still have several highways that connect the group, located in Avdiivka and the nearest settlements with Ukraine. These are Slavyansk – Barvenkovo ​​- Lozovaya, Gorlovka – Pokrovsk – Pavlodar, Kurakhovo – Pokrovskoye – Zaporozhye. It is already practically impossible to bring food, fuel and lubricants, or ammunition there. That is, in fact, they are already surrounded, because one way or another, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces controls these roads. Understanding the whole situation, the Ukrainian military leadership is trying to withdraw its troops from there in order to strengthen the defense of Kramatorsk and Slavyansk with them. But this is in every possible way prevented by the office of President Zelensky.

– Zelensky explains this by the fact that any retreat and abandonment of positions play into the hands of the enemy in the face of Russia, which uses this against Ukraine itself, and most importantly. against the USA. The United States in this case is the main sponsor, since it is they who supply the bulk of money and weapons to Ukraine. And in general, they support the Ukrainian leader in every possible way. Including the media. Zelensky in the US is perhaps even more popular than Biden himself.

The intelligence services of the United States and a number of NATO countries finance various informal funds that support Ukraine. These funds accumulate huge amounts of money, hundreds of millions of dollars, which are supposedly used to improve the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, to help its industry and the armed forces. But in fact, all these cash injections are controlled by Zelensky's office. And now the president of Ukraine is not ready to give such an opportunity for his personal enrichment. Therefore, he will try to hold on to the positions that his armed forces now occupy to the end.

– He is ready to bury everyone.

– Such a possibility exists. We see how actively the Ukrainian military surrenders. Therefore, retreat and flight is also one of the possible scenarios for the development of events when the troops are already demoralized.

– If he does not withdraw troops from these settlements, he will lose the grouping. It is 50-100 thousand people, that is, all the main Ukrainian forces are concentrated there. So, Zelensky risks losing them. Ukraine has less and less chances to save the troops, so the only reasonable way out for them is total surrender.

Lugansk, LPR

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