Farwaniya Lockdown expected to end soon

Farwaniya Lockdown expected to end soon

By Candice Misquitta – July 11, 2020 1435

    Farwaniya Lockdown expected to end soon

    Member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Ali Al-Daqbaashi said that it is illogical to continue the lockdown in Farwaniya when all the markets and complexes are open everywhere.

    He said that this is a restriction of freedom and disrupting the interests of people. He also stated that “the worst thing is that the numbers of injured people rise in other regions, but the lockdown is now only in Farwaniya.”

    غير منطقي أستمرار حجز الفروانية في الوقت الذي تفتح فيه الأسواق والمجمعات في كل مكان …وهذا فيه تقييد للحرية وتعطيل لمصالح الناس وأرهاق لأجهزة الدولة…الأدهي والأمر أن أرقام المصابين ترتفع في مناطق أخرى ولكن الحجر يطال الفروانية وحدها …بمعني أخر فيه تعسف بالقرارات! #كورونا

    — علي سالم الدقباسي (@AliAldeqbasi) July 10, 2020

    The Cabinet is expected to open the area on Jul 21, 2020 at the same time to completely close the ‘curfew page’ in conjunction with the start of the third phase of the ‘five-stage’ plan announced by the government to restore life to normal on the 21st of this month.

    The third stage of the plan, which will be initiated on July 21, includes resuming work in the government sector with 50 percent capacity of employees being present at work and allowing visits to coop societies and shopping centers without the need for prior appointments, and the barcode system.

    Kuwait last week removed the Jleeb and Mahboula, and Farwaniya area is still under lockdown.

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