Former mayor of Simeiz detained by FSB for espionage in favor of Ukraine

The FSB report did not disclose the name and position of the person arrested for espionage. Yuri Lomenko was a member of the Party of Regions in Ukraine, and after the annexation of Crimea to Russia he was a member of the United Russia faction

Yuriy Lomenko

City Council of the second convocation Yuriy Lomenko, reports Kryminform.

According to the agency, on November 8, 2021, at an extraordinary meeting of the City Council, Lomenko's deputy powers were terminated at his own request from October 25, 2021.

“ It was established that a resident of Yalta in the period from 2017 to 2018 on assignment Ukrainian special services carried out the collection, storage, transfer of information constituting a state secret of the Russian Federation, including about employees of the FSB of Russia '', & mdash; reported earlier by the FSB Public Relations Center.

Lomenko was also previously the mayor of the resort village of Simeiz. RBC sent a request to the administration of Simeiz, to the Yalta City Council, as well as to the press service of the Yalta City Court.

Lomenko became the mayor of Simeiz in 2013 during the Ukrainian government. He was nominated by the Party of Regions after his predecessor, Kirill Kostenko, who also came to power from the regionals, was shot in his own car in February 2013. According to, in the 1990s Kostenko was a member of an organized criminal group (OCG), and in 2011 he was detained on suspicion of receiving a bribe of 400 thousand hryvnia from heads of private enterprises for receiving land plots. However, a few weeks later Kostenko was released.

In May 2017, Lomenko established and headed the Crimean regional public organization of national-cultural autonomy “ Ukrainians of Crimea '', Kryminform specified. The organization was registered in Simeiz at the address of the local food market. Lomenko himself was liquidated in October 2021.

Lomenko entered the Yalta City Council as a single-mandate, was a member of the United Russia faction. According to the information in the database of United Russia deputies, at the time of his election he was the director of the external relations department of Family Rest LLC, in 2014 he graduated from the magistracy of the National Academy of Public Administration.

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