FSB detained assistant Kolokoltsev, ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg

Assistant Interior Minister Sergei Umnov is suspected of exceeding his authority and taken to the temporary detention center on Petrovka. He does not admit his guilt. High-ranking officers of the St. Petersburg police are also involved in the case. assistant to Kolokoltsev, ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg” />

Sergey Umnov

Assistant to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant-General Sergey Umnov, was detained and is now in a temporary detention center (IVS) on Petrovka. This was reported to RT by the Public Monitoring Commission (POC).

“They were charged with abuse of power. I plead not guilty, — the observers conveyed the words of the detainee.

A member of the PMC of Moscow, Eva Merkacheva, told RBC that Umnov was taken to the detention center the night before. “Apparently, a preventive measure will be chosen today, it will most likely be the Basmanny Court,” — she said.

From March 2012 to February 2019, Umnov headed the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg. Then he was appointed assistant to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Vladimir Kolkoltsev.


According to Kommersant, on the eve of Umnov's house and office searches were carried out, investigative actions are connected with the investigation of the case under Part 3 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power), initiated in July 2020. The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed this, specifying that the investigative actions were carried out by employees of the main department of internal security of the department and the FSB.

According to the police, from 2016 to 2020, officials from among the senior staff of the St. acquired property with funds from the Fund for Assistance to Programs of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

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The head of the St. and the Leningrad Region Alexei Semyonov and the former deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region Ivan Abakumov, they were also detained.

The 47news portal reported on the searches at Semenov's the day before. Abakumov recently lived in the Crimea, a year ago he was involved in the case of forgery or circulation of forged documents, but escaped punishment due to the statute of limitations. Petersburg and Leningrad region was founded in 2008. According to 47news, it was created on the initiative of Dmitry Mikhalchenko, the ex-head of the Forum holding, who was sentenced on June 28 to 20 years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 1 million rubles. in the case of embezzlement of 1.2 billion rubles. during the construction of the presidential residence in Novo-Ogarevo.

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