FT learned about Finland’s desire to avoid the “signal of Russia” because of NATO

FT: Finland doesn't want its possible NATO membership to be understood as a “punishment of Russia” Finland doesn't want to send any signals to Russia with its possible NATO membership, the FT learned. In this regard, a number of clauses of the agreement with the alliance will be hidden

Finland wants to avoid the impression that it is “sending a signal” to Russia by its possible entry into NATO. or “punishes” her— instead, the country wants to show that its goal is to improve its own security, senior Finnish officials told the Financial Times.

In this regard, a number of clauses of the agreement between Finland and NATO will probably not be advertised, the newspaper writes. Thus, the political declarations of the main allies, as well as the alliance itself, will be public. However, some of the defense agreements with Finland will remain secret, a senior NATO official said. «Ambiguity— important part of deterrence,— he said.

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced in mid-April that Finland would make a decision on NATO membership in the coming months. According to President Sauli Niinistö, the turning point for Helsinki was Russia's demands for security guarantees, which called for NATO's non-expansion to the east. He believes that in this way Russia wanted to limit the choice of Finland. In addition, what is happening in Ukraine has also changed the security sphere, Marin noted. According to her, after these events, “there is no going back.”

So far, the issue of Finland's possible membership in the military bloc is being discussed in the country's parliament. According to Iltalehti's sources, Niinistö will announce the decision to apply for NATO membership on May 12.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized Finland's intention to join the bloc. As stated in the Foreign Ministry, the raison d'être of NATO— it is a “geopolitical confrontation with Russia.” And Finland, by joining the alliance, will also become “the space for this confrontation with all the consequences that follow”, including the consequences for the “time-tested good neighborly relations”; with Moscow.

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