How to defeat ticks with a cat?

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I'm going to spend this summer with children at dacha. I worry about ticks: they say there are a lot of them now. How to kick them from the site?

I. Tomilina, Penza

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There are many acaricidal agents for treating dachas from ticks. This event requires special preparation and planning, the presence of people and pets is unacceptable. After processing, wet cleaning with a soda solution of all surfaces such as gazebos and stairs is necessary. For 10 days, do not eat greens, vegetables, and berries from the garden.

     — says Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Plant Protection of the RGAU-MSHA them. Timiryazev Sergey Popov. — Take your dog or cat on leash around the perimeter of the site, especially under tall trees or near bushes. Ticks, sitting at a height of  0.5 to  1.5m, waiting for prey, will immediately catch their front legs on the animal's hair. Within half an hour — two hours they choose a place to eat, and only then they begin to drink blood. Therefore, immediately begin combing the animal on a white sheet of paper: this way you will catch all the ticks on the site, and no one will get hurt.


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