How to make a sailboat from a bottle?

AIF at Dacha No. 10. Exclusive method: growing 9 crops in a greenhouse 05/31/2022 sea ​​in the basin. The boat will stay afloat thanks to the light and durable material of modern packaging.

The young shipbuilder will have to work with sharp cutting objects and fire, so it is necessary to conduct a safety briefing. Prepare a clean flat plastic bottle, a straw from a cocktail. You also need a stopper from a vial for a liquid form of drugs, a bright package, an adhesive pencil and a hot glue gun, a knife or scissors.

Photo: From the personal archive/Alexander Pantus

Get to work. Cut off the top side of the bottle so that you get a container-boat. Change its color with acrylic paints or leave it in its original version. Then make patterns from the package – triangular sail and flag. Use a glue stick to fix these details on the cocktail tube. The mast is ready. Next, make a stand for it: use a hot nail to make a corresponding hole in the cork from medicines, into which insert the tube with the sail.

Then, using a thermal gun, fix the stand with the mast on the sailboat. Corks from plastic bottles glued to the bottom will serve as seats for passengers. It remains to invite passengers to the yacht and launch it into the water. If you make several boats from different bottles, you will get a magnificent toy river fleet.

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