In Kaliningrad, the Polish General Skshipchak was advised to study history

In Kaliningrad, they advised the general who announced Poland's claims to learn history It is basically impossible to return to Poland what never belonged to it, said the press secretary of the Kaliningrad region

The former commander of the Polish Ground Forces, General Waldemar Skshipchak, who demanded « to return Kaliningrad to Poland”, should learn some history. This was announced to RBC by the press secretary of the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Dmitry Lyskov.

“If they plunge into the history of the 20th century, they will find out that it is basically impossible to return to Poland what never belonged. This question is very strange, especially in light of the fact that the current Polish Gdansk was quite recently called Danzig and belonged to another country, so it’s not for them to explicitly ask these questions, — he emphasized.

Lyskov stressed that Kaliningrad was, is and will be a Russian city.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, also commented on Skshipchak's words that Poland should raise the issue of belonging to the Kaliningrad region. “As he raises, so he lowers,” — she wrote on Telegram.

Earlier, Skshipchak said that the Kaliningrad region is historically Polish territory, which is currently “under occupation”; Russia. At the same time, he admitted that now the Kaliningrad region “has no military significance.”

Following the results of the Second World War, in accordance with the Potsdam Agreement, the northern part of East Prussia (about one third of its entire territory) was transferred to USSR, the other two-thirds— The Polish People's Republic.

In 1946, the Koenigsberg region (later Kaliningrad) was formed on the territory that had ceded to the USSR. Then Koenigsberg was renamed Kaliningrad.

In February, Deputy Minister of National Defense of Poland Wojciech Skurkiewicz announced Warsaw's plans to build a wall on the border with the Kaliningrad region of Russia. This is included in the development concept of the country's border service.

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