Jeremy Clarkson: events in Ukraine will lead the world to cannibalism

Former Top Gear presenter accused politicians of “doing nothing”.

Ex-host of the Top Gear car show Jeremy Clarkson, in an article for The Times, said that because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the world, and the UK in particular, is threatened with cannibalism.

According to him, for two conflicting countries account for more than 25% of world wheat exports.

They are also leaders in the supply of fertilizers and vegetable oils.

The conflict in the framework of a special military operation of Russia led to the fact that the world lost a lot & #8220;the right grain”, and the price of fertilizer has risen to such an extent that the dependent countries are losing 20% ​​of the remaining grain.

According to Clarkson, the increase in fertilizer prices has reached 37%.

As a result, according to the journalist, the food crisis threatens the whole world, and the amount of food in stores could be reduced by 20%.

Clarkson is sure that those who talk about control over the situation of politics are in fact &#8220 ;they do nothing”, but they are forced to deal with the situation by life itself, because a person cannot live without food, as without warmth, clothing, and even sex.

“Hunger makes people eat their neighbors,” he concluded.

According to data published by Western media, anti-Russian sanctions led to higher prices for fuel and products.

Thus, in the UK, inflation rose to 9% in April, reaching a record high for forty years.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the deputy head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev urged Russia not to buy products from unfriendly countries.


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