Kadyrov announced the sending of hundreds of volunteers to Ukraine for a “fight”

Volunteers after a course at the Special Forces University went to Ukraine to “fight with the Bandera evil spirits,” Kadyrov said. Before, he said that the number of applicants is growing, and now a “specific special operation” will begin in Ukraine

Ramzan Kadyrov (right)

Another detachment of volunteers left Chechnya to participate in a special military operation in Ukraine; they were trained at the Gudermes Special Forces University, head of the republic Ramzan Kadrov said on Telegram.

“Hundreds of real patriots from all over the country will arrive soon into the zone of deployment and will come to grips with the Bandera and nationalist evil spirits, — Kadyrov wrote.

At the Russian Spetsnaz University, he pointed out, instructors taught each volunteer “the basics of military art.” Kadyrov attached to the recording a video in which several members of the volunteer detachment name the places from where they arrived in Chechnya— from Karachay-Cherkessia, Saratov, Kazan and Transnistria.

Chechen fighters have been taking part in Russia's special operation in Ukraine since the end of February. The head of the republic assured that they would go through the hottest points of the operation.

In mid-March, Kadyrov announced the dispatch of 1,000 volunteers from Chechnya to Ukraine, who would be led by his assistant, General Apty Alaudinov. According to Kadyrov, by that time the number of people in the republic who wished to leave “to help our brothers in Ukraine” was rapidly growing. This opportunity was awaited by “thousands of young people.” At the same time, he noted, Chechen fighters “consider it unacceptable to sit on the sidelines while their comrades defend the interests of our state in battle.”

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In early April, the head of Chechnya announced the gathering of a second group of volunteers to be sent to the special operation zone. Two weeks later, on April 19, the second group of volunteers went to Ukraine. According to him, “a specific special operation” is now beginning there. “They asked for it themselves, so to speak, the Ukrainians. <…> there will be good indicators, good results,»,— approves the head of Chechnya.

On the evening of April 21, the head of Chechnya, the head of Chechnya, announced the “final and irrevocable” the capture of Mariupol by Chechen fighters, along with the military of Russia and the DPR. “We worked at the highest level,” — wrote the head of Chechnya. He added that Mariupol was “systematically cleared” and “the remnants of the Nazis were blocked under a layer of concrete and iron.” on the territory of the Azovstal plant.

He expressed confidence that the Ukrainian military “won't go anywhere” because they were blocked in industrial zones. “Their only way out— surrender. I hope they have enough prudence for this, & mdash; warned the head of Chechnya.

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