Kommersant reported on the missing episode from the case of the former deputy head of the General Staff

The episodes with the purchase of Azart radio stations at inflated prices with billions of rubles in damage were removed from the final charge in the case of the former deputy head of the General Staff Khalil Arslanov, Kommersant writes

Khalil Arslanov

In the accusation approved by the Prosecutor General's Office in a criminal case, the main defendant of which is the former deputy chief of the General Staff, ex-head of the main communications department of the armed forces, Colonel-General Khalil Arslanov, did not include data on alleged fraud in the purchase of Azart radio stations for the army, Kommersant reported.

According to the newspaper, the indictment in the case, approved by the Prosecutor General's Office, contains episodes related to supplies under military contracts with Voentelekom. At the same time, most of the damage, totaling 6.7 billion rubles, was due to alleged fraud in the purchase of new-generation Azart radio stations. at, as the investigation believed, inflated rather than market prices. During the preliminary investigation, Arslanov was charged with both episodes.

According to the episode with «Azartami» The defense presented evidence that there was no market for such means of communication, after which these charges were removed from the case, and the case itself was divided into two parts, while the investigation of the episode with the radio stations continued. Since this happened at the final stage of the preliminary investigation, the defense plans to petition for the return of the case to the prosecutor's office, the newspaper writes.

As a result, the case was based on accusations of embezzlement of the funds of the Ministry of Defense in the execution of contracts with Voentelekom. We are talking about the purchase of routers, wires and other consumables for 1.6 billion rubles. Products, according to investigators, in violation of contracts were of Chinese origin and were purchased at inflated prices. The investigation also believes that Arslanov and his accomplices stole 191.4 million rubles. out of almost 250 million rubles allocated to Voentelecom to “a set of works on designer's supervision of monitoring and network management centers, monitoring systems for communication satellites.”

At the same time, as the newspaper notes, the damage in this episode was fully repaid by Voentelekom, and the investigation learned about the alleged fraud from pre-trial agreements between the alleged accomplices and the prosecutor's office.

The case of embezzlement during the conclusion of state contracts for the maintenance and repair of special military equipment was initiated in August 2013. In October 2019, Kommersant said that Arslanov had taken a written undertaking not to leave, and Pavel Kutakhov, the head of the department of orders for improving the technical basis of the command and control system of the armed forces — arrested. The crimes imputed to the latter were related to the supply of special communications. According to investigators, Arslanov's control equipment could have been supplied at inflated prices.

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One person involved in several criminal cases, the former head of Voentelekom Alexander Davydov, who made a deal with the investigation.

In January 2020, Arslanov was charged with two fraud charges totaling almost 6.7 billion rubles, TASS wrote, in September of the same year— one more — accepting large bribes. Arslanov has been under arrest since February 2020, he denies his guilt.

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