Kuwait: Around 5000 Pakistanis enters by bribery

Kuwait: Around 5000 Pakistanis enters by bribery

By Candice Misquitta – July 22, 2020 57

    Kuwait: Around 5000 Pakistanis enters by bribery

    Despite the strict restriction on issuing visas for five nationalities ie Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq from 2011, about 5,000 Pakistanis entered Kuwait on family visas and visits.

    All types of visas, including family, tourist, private and business visas, work permits for citizens of these countries were stopped until further notice for security reasons.

    According to Al-Qabas Arabic daily, visas were granted to a huge number of Pakistanis from mid-2014 to 2018. Earlier for three years from 2011 to 2014 visas were not issued to the Pakistani community except for well-known personalities, which also with entry and exit dates set in advance and to very limited numbers.

    The report added that many from this community had brought their families to Kuwait bribing their way through visit visas and transferred to family visa or company residence. The daily also added that the brokers charge between 800 KD to 2500 KD for these visas depending on nationality.

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