Le Pen called the embargo on energy resources from Russia “hara-kiri for Europe”

According to the French presidential candidate, the embargo on the supply of oil and gas from Russia will affect ordinary Europeans, and will also lead to even greater rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing

The possible imposition of an embargo on the import of Russian energy resources, including oil and gas, is comparable to “hara-kiri for Europe.” This was stated by French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen during a televised debate with the current head of state Emmanuel Macron, Bloomberg reports.

“We should not commit hara-kiri, hoping that this will harm Russia, while it will find itself where to export oil and gas,— she said.

According to her, the decision to take this measure would be erroneous, since it had a negative impact on French citizens. In addition, the politician is sure that such a step would lead to a rapprochement between Russia and China. “I fear that the result will be a military and economic superpower, which will create a great danger for France and Europe,” — concluded Le Pen.

Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, the European Union has introduced five packages of sanctions against Russia. The latter was approved in early April and includes, among other things, a ban on the purchase, import or transit of coal and other solid fossil fuels from Russia. Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the work on the sixth package, within which Brussels considers issues related to the energy sector.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said earlier that the share of Russian energy exports to world markets is 20%. According to him, in the event of a ban on Russian hydrocarbons, oil prices will jump to $300–500 per barrel, so Europe's refusal of energy from Russia is unlikely.


Presidential elections in France take place from 10 April. The leaders in the first round were the current head of state Macron (27.84%) and Le Pen (23.15%). Both of them will participate in the second round, which will be held on April 24.

Le Pen has previously said that Russia's rapprochement with Europe— this is an important condition for ensuring the security of the European continent and France. In support of her words, she suggested imagining what would happen if “the largest country in the world unites with the most populous country.” She also promised that she would “advocate for a strategic rapprochement between NATO and Russia” when and if Russia and Ukraine conclude a peace agreement.

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