BRYSON TILLERSelf-made Lyrics Woo, yeah, yeah, yeah You already know Young Tiller Let’s go Gucci on my belt, bought a necklace for myself Bought Giuseppe for myself, spent them blessings […]

ACCEPTWhat Else Lyrics Heroes – keep dying Nations – dividing Principles – they¹re gone It¹s war Wallstreet – buy in politics Jesus – up for sale Do anything – for […]

LOVELYZBebe Lyrics [All] You~, You~ [Jiae] baebae kkoyeowa Baby baebae nae momi Baby [All] You~, You~ [Jiae] baebae kkoyeowa Baby baebae namanui Baby [Yein] neomuneomu nuni busin geudae nuneul matchumyeon […]

Lyrics of Stay – Claudia Barretto You got me lost within myself Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t just be friends Do I speak up or hide again oohh.. You came […]

Lyrics of High School – Loisa Andalio High school life, oh my high school life Ev’ry memory, kay ganda High school days, oh my high school days Are exciting, kay […]

Lyrics of Human Nature – Sam Concepcion [1st Verse] Looking Out Across The Night-Time The City Winks A Sleepless Eye Hear Her Voice Shake My Window Sweet Seducing Sighs [2nd […]

Lyrics of Kapit – Sarah Geronimo Hindi ko na alam ang aking gagawin Pagkadilim-dilim, di ko napapansin Ang ikot ng mundo’y lalong bumibilis Naiwanan Ako’y nababagabag, sobrang pag-iisip Paulit-ulit ang […]