She’s dipped in gold She likes it fancy Drinks pink champagne As her hair falls down Leaves her perfume Red lipstick number And then she’s gone Before the sun comes […]

Songtexte Kurdo – Ya salam Sonnenbrille so wie Stevie Wonder. Jeden tag ist jetzt sonntag. Links, rechts so wie Van Damme. Rek digi digi bom boom. Mit dem gang and […]

[Intro] Extravagant Hendrix Switch hands like left pitcher Super astronomical [Chorus] Peel you off a couple bands, girl like, “here you go” Been lookin’ like the baddest bitch in my […]

[Intro] From the club to the telly, on the floor On the table, you better not Wake the neighbors, you better not Wake them neighbors, girl [Hook] Keep quiet, keep […]

[Couplet 1] J’suis sur le toit d’Paris et j’regarde Avec joie, malgré les problèmes Ce beau monde rempli de requins Mon quotidien c’était La Bohème J’raconte ce qui se passe […]

[Verse 1: Andrew Taggart] We were staying in Paris To get away from your parents And I thought, “Wow If I could take this in a shot right now I […]