Macron reports 100 hours of talks with Putin on Ukraine

Macron said he “lost count” of his conversations with Putin. The President of France has become the most frequent interlocutor of the President of Russia since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, this caused criticism of European leaders />

Emmanuel Macron

France's role in resolving the crisis in Ukraine is mediation, since December last year, “one hundred hours” have been spent in negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said French leader Emmanuel Macron in an interview with La Depeche.

“I lost account of conversations with Vladimir Putin since December. Just a hundred hours, & mdash; said Macron.

The French President noted that Western leaders should not “humiliate Russia” so that after the cessation of hostilities, a way out of the crisis could be found through diplomatic channels. According to Macron, he is sure that the Russian authorities have made a “historical and fundamental mistake for their people, for themselves and for history,” which he told Putin.

“Nevertheless, Russia remains a great people. I think he's retired. Lock yourself in isolation— that's one thing, but knowing how to get out of it — it's a hard road,— summed up the French president.

Macron and Putin have been in frequent contact since the end of last year, when the situation around Ukraine began to escalate, and Russia— demand security guarantees from the US and NATO. They also met in person in Moscow in early February. As of the end of May, of all world leaders, Macron has become the most frequent interlocutor of Putin, he also actively maintains contacts with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The frequent communication of the President of France with the President of Russia provoked criticism from other European leaders. In early April, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that their conversations did not help prevent a special operation in Ukraine, and the situation required “clear and decisive” action. sanctions. Macron then called the dialogue with Putin his duty, stressing that from the very beginning of his presidential term in 2017, “he did not pander to him, unlike others.”

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In mid-May, politicians calling Putin were criticized by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, the Euractiv portal reported. “I feel like if everyone calls him all the time, he doesn’t get the message that he is isolated. So if we want to get the message across that “you're really isolated”, don't call him — it makes no sense,»— she said. Kallas expressed confidence that, thanks to constant contacts, Putin is sure that he is “in the spotlight” and de-escalation does not occur.

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