Macron’s coalition fails to win majority in French parliament

The loss of the majority by the presidential coalition “Together!” may prevent Macron from reforming. Some political forces, in particular Republicans, have already refused to support the head of state

Coalition of French President Emmanuel Macron “Together!” during the second round of elections to the lower house of the country's parliament— National Assembly— won 245 seats out of 577, missing the majority by more than 40 seats. The final data of the vote, which summed up the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, was published by the BFMTV channel.

  • “Forward!” Macron— 245 seats
  • New People's Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) by Jean-Luc Mélenchon— 131.
  • “National Association” Marine Le Pen— 89.
  • Republicans and their allies— 61.
  • Other— 51.


French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, commenting on the results of the vote, called them unprecedented. “This situation represents a risk for our country due to the problems we have to face both nationally and internationally,” — she said.

Nevertheless, she pointed out the need to respect the results of the vote and “draw conclusions”. Bourne called on the political forces to unite and work to “guarantee stability in France and carry out the necessary reforms.”

To carry out reforms, Macron will have to seek support from deputies not from his coalition, however, some parties have already expressed their unwillingness to help the head of state— for example, Republicans, indicates TF1. Its representatives announced that they would continue to adhere to the opposition line towards Macron.

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During the first round of the parliamentary elections, Macron's coalition managed to take the lead by a small margin: it received 25.7% of the vote, Nupes Mélenchon— 25.64%, the third was the “National Association” Le Pen with 18.72% of the vote.

In April, presidential elections were held in France. They also went through two rounds. Macron won in the second round with 58.54% of the vote, in second place was Le Pen— 41.46%. Melenchon participated in the first round, he was third.

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