Medvedev ridiculed Macron and Scholz in Kyiv: “Connoisseurs of frogs and liver”


Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev broke a long silence on Twitter blocked in Russia and on this social network, instead of becoming his usual Telegram, published another comment on the topic of the day. Medvedev's attention was drawn to the main topic of June 16 – the visit to Kyiv of the leaders of France, Germany and Italy.

At the same time, the former Russian president and prime minister spoke pejoratively about the leaders of the three strongest EU countries, calling them “connoisseurs” of frogs, liver and pasta”. It is worth noting that it is not the first time that Scholz hears the outdated stereotypical “characteristic” of the Germans in his address – earlier the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin reminded him about the liver.

“The benefits are zero,” Medvedev predicts the results of the visit Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Mario Draghi to Kyiv. “They promised to join the EU again, the old howitzers slammed the vodka and the train, like a hundred years ago, went home.”

He expressed the opinion that “this does not bring Ukraine closer to peace.” And he added that “the clock is ticking”, without explaining what is meant.

The other day, Medvedev made a loud other statement, saying that it is not a fact that “Ukraine will even exist on the world map” in a couple of years.



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