Moldova partially opened the sky for civil aviation

Flights will be carried out only to and from Romania, the civil aviation department of the republic clarified .jpg” alt=”Moldova partially opened the skies for civil aviation” />

Moldova opened part of its airspace on March 21 and resumed passenger flights in the direction of Romania. This was reported on the website of the Department of Civil Aviation of the Republic.

“From today, March 21, 2022, at 12 o'clock (13:00 Moscow time— RBC) part of the national airspace will be opened for the use of civil and state aviation, which will allow the resumption of regular passenger traffic, & mdash; The report said.

The agency clarified that since the airspace of Ukraine is closed, flights in the northern, southern and eastern directions will not be operated. “All flights will be directed to and from Romania. The rest of the airspace remains closed, including class G (uncontrolled airspace) airspace,— signed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an appeal and announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine. On the same day, Kyiv announced the closure of airspace for civil aviation. This was also announced by Moldova.

Besides, Belarus and Russia partially closed their airspace. Also on the day the special operation began, Rosaviatsia announced the introduction of restrictions on flights to 11 airports in southern Russia due to “the aggravation of the situation around the situation in Ukraine.” The flight zone was recognized as unsafe for civil aircraft and passengers. On March 18, Moscow extended the closure of airports in the south for a week, until March 26.

The United States, Canada, Great Britain, EU countries and several other states closed airspace to Russian aircraft. Russia responded by banning aircraft from 36 countries from flying over its territory without special permission. Major Russian airlines have canceled many flights abroad.

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