Orban announced the “liberation” of Hungary from the embargo on oil from Russia

Hungary will not be affected by restrictions on oil imports from Russia, Orban said, deliveries through the pipeline are temporarily allowed. The EU noted that this measure was a temporary compromise, countries should find other suppliers .jpg” alt=”Orban announced the “liberation” of Hungary from the embargo on oil from Russia” />

Viktor Orban

The agreement by the EU countries of a partial embargo on Russian-produced oil will not affect Hungary, the head of the Hungarian government Viktor Orban said on Facebook (the owner of the Meta Platforms social network in Russia has been recognized as an extremist organization and banned).

“The deal was concluded. Hungary freed from oil embargo! <…> Hungarian families can sleep peacefully today,— Orban wrote.

According to L'Echo, Orban, during a meeting of European leaders, demanded guarantees that Hungary would be able to supply oil by sea “in the event of a pipeline failure.”

Approved by European leaders the measures assume that the sanctions will not affect the supply of crude oil through the pipeline. European Council President Charles Michel noted that this measure would be temporary, during this period the countries importing oil through the pipeline should find other fuel suppliers. According to the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, this exception will affect about 10% of oil supplied to the EU.

Earlier, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said that a ban only on offshore oil supplies threatens to create an imbalance for the European country, and Brussels will not be able to support a boycott that will affect only half of the EU, Brussels Times reported. After agreeing on the measures, he noted that Belgium was satisfied with the compromise.

Russian oil accounted for 27% of all EU imports, according to Eurostat data. European countries buy about 2.4 million barrels of Russian-made oil per day, according to the International Energy Agency, with 35% of this volume delivered to the EU via pipelines, CNN reports. As the TV channel points out, Hungary is 86% dependent on oil supplies through the pipeline, the Czech Republic— by 97%, Slovakia— 100%.

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