She She came down From the mountain And I I stood my ground On the mountain Like a fire I’m drawn to her lust I can’t run from her, but […]

[Jain] (Black burn, I feel so alone) Without you boy Now I’m here Hanging out in the street Thinking about reactions over actions Walking on the sky of my dreams […]

[Verse 1] Blue likes to drop sometimes, one by one But I don’t mind, no I don’t mind Cause luck is on my side I feel the drip drop, nonstop, […]

[Pre-Hook] I’ma do this one for my homies gone The judge hit the hammer they ain’t coming home We all are from the danger zone The devil pulled the card […]

[Hook: SiR] Tricky, this thing called love Just enough will leave you tipsy You’ll fall if you have too much [Verse 1: SiR] Shouldn’t go any further Should’ve left it […]

[Intro] Oh, K Swisha Oh, yeah Oh, yeah [Hook] She say Mr. Tokyo, do your thing I don’t need it baby girl, do your thing Iced out hockey diamond ring […]

[Intro: Kodak Black] Yeah This my shit right here This my kinda shit right here Y’all know me, the son [Hook: Kodak Black] Can I ball? Can I chill? Can […]