[Verse 1: Ryan Tedder] ‘Member when we met? We fell in love on a Sunday Yeah I’ll never forget The way that you spelled my name It took me a […]

[Hook] I’m the Fireman Fire, F-Fireman Fire, F-Fire, I got that fire for hire Come and try me and You can spark it up and I’mma put you out You […]

[Sia] Like a waterfall, Like a waterfall A waterfall, You took it all You took my love And now I’m crying Like a waterfall, Like a waterfall A waterfall, You […]

[Juicy J] (Play me some pimpin’, mane) And I’m ballin’, I’m, I’m, and I’m ballin’, I And I’m ballin’, and I’m ballin’ And I’m ballin’, and one And I’m ballin’, […]

[Solange] You got the light come it all joy, a calpable You got the right to be mad But when you carry it along you find only getting in the […]

[GRL] As I walk pass the mirror Something caught my eye Oh, it could be the liquor But I can’t deny Damn, I look good Damn, I feel nice Uh, […]

[Daya] I still feel your kisses in the morning (Even though you’re not around) Maybe I should take it as a warning That my secret’s finally out And you know […]

[Niall] Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air It’s Hard Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round […]

Bubble it, bubble it Bubble it, bubble it You see that gal with the big tic tac she fi gimme the, gimme the Head to the floor gal gimme the, […]

When you get older, plainer, saner Will you remember all the danger We came from? Burning like embers, falling, tender Longing for the days of no surrender Years ago And […]

Money rains from the sky above But keep the change cuz I’ve got enough A little time and some tenderness You’ll never buy my love No other thing that’s as […]

She She came down From the mountain And I I stood my ground On the mountain Like a fire I’m drawn to her lust I can’t run from her, but […]

[Jain] (Black burn, I feel so alone) Without you boy Now I’m here Hanging out in the street Thinking about reactions over actions Walking on the sky of my dreams […]