(M. Modenini) © Le Parc Music Ogni domenica sa di plastica è solo un nuovo anno per me e per te la stessa storia c’è lei che strilla alla tv […]

Down from the mountain, cries of an headless love, high above Cold seems to me your kiss from the ocean deep, in my sleep I see you go south on […]

Decay is moment of pray, Decay is moment of pain, Decay in time to die, Decay is god’s final day, The fall of god, the fall of times, the fall […]

(intro) Maluku Maluku Maluku Yeah Trapisode mufuckaaa Je weet tog Er gaan veel dinge kome, broertje Ik ben nog lang niet klaar na deez Maar eh draai iets, smoke iets, […]

[Intro] Oh yea Oh yea Itz B.O Ice Box Let’s Go! [Verse] Everyday she keeps on calling Mafiri ne nky3n seesei ara koraa na wa’flashe C’text me messages “Can I […]

Sasare Nimak Nathi Gamanaka Gewena Jiwithe Widapan Widawannepa Gewena Thuru Me Awurudu Kihipaya Jiwithe Thawemin Widawannepa . Ekama Le Duwanne Sirure Paksha Paata Moka Unath Ekama Gasma Hadawathehi Aagama Kawarak […]

I tell myself, not to fear, It’s not that easy anymore, My trembling hands, My wounded soul, You can’t heal me like before. You’re gone, I need you here, I […]

Time alone, Time to think, Time for change, Time has come. If you take away my heart, I’ll still live, If you take away my voice, I’ll still scream, If […]

Hello darkness, what’s your name today I heard you were back in town I was fearless you had stepped away But nothing lasts and you’re back now I got rain […]