I’m spelling a word: appeal There’s more than enough for you But not enough for me I’m just like a fan I’m spinning around this room Oh, I’m touching all […]

[Songtext zu „Training“] [Part 1] Seh’ so viel Elend, sie reden und reden Doch ich mach’ da nicht mit, denn ich hab’ keine Zeit und ich hoff’, du verstehst mich […]

Auh! Morning ’til the evening, louder than death We’re doing it, faster than anyone else Blazing through the notes like through an open road Heads are gonna bang and heads […]

[Intro] Maybe I should just get wavy Maybe I should just get wavy (Hugo) (Wavy) Maybe (Maybe) I should just get crazy (Crazy) [Refrain] Maybe I should crash Mercedes (Mercedes) I should crash Ferrari […]

Doggerel Who are only trying To break even Forget what I told you Before Doggerel Remember this one thing How could you forget Trying to break the line [?] Don’t break the line […]

Open books and writing down Thoughts moving round and round Despite everything I thought I’d learned Here I am again With my whole world turned upside down I see your mouth movin’ But I […]

And the night falls, exile of the darkened senses With bad grace and its commonplaces Light on / to avoid seeing this grey As light can’t open wide my eyes May the endless night […]

[Verse 1] I didn’t like you when I first met you, but then you grew on me I’ve got a tendency to like the wilder ones Haunted by demons you were going through hell, […]