Peskov urged to call countries unfriendly to Russia hostile

The presidential press secretary accused the West of creating a “perfect storm” for Russia /4/47/756527772382474.jpg” alt=”Peskov urged to call countries unfriendly to Russia hostile” />


The actions of Western countries against Russia are a war, such countries should be called not unfriendly, but hostile. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, speaking at the educational marathon “New Horizons”, organized by the society “Knowledge”.

“What is happening now, and what we are facing now, — it's a hybrid war. <…> This is a diplomatic war, a political war, these are attempts to isolate us in the world, this is an economic war. We still softly call them [Western countries] unfriendly states, but I would say that these are already hostile states, because what they are doing, & mdash; this is a war»,— said Peskov.

In his opinion, “the collective West is arranged in the form of a pyramid, at the top of which is America.” “No matter what anyone says, the decision-making center is right there. Sometimes it seems that the very existence of our Russia with you is an irritant for the collective West, and they are ready to do anything to prevent us from developing the way we want and living the way we want, — noted Peskov.

He also stated that Russia is currently living in a “perfect storm and moment of truth.” “This should ensure and protect our interests, should make your life better, more comfortable, more stable and more secure,” — said a Kremlin spokesman.

According to Peskov, Russia tried to engage in dialogue with the West, but was not heard. In particular, according to him, Moscow expressed dissatisfaction with the expansion of NATO and tried to agree on security guarantees.

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Earlier, President Vladimir Putin promised a “lightning-fast response” in case of a threat to Russia. “We have all the tools for this” one that no one else can boast of. And we will not brag, we will use them if necessary. We have made all the decisions on this matter,»,— said Putin.

At the end of February, commenting on the imposition of sanctions against Russia, Putin called the Western countries an “empire of lies”.

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