Poklonskaya responded to the call to deprive her of awards

Poklonskaya called the letters Z and V symbols of tragedy and grief, for which she was criticized, including by deputies of the Crimean parliament. One of them suggested depriving the former prosecutor of Crimea of ​​titles and awards “Poklonskaya responded to the call to deprive her of awards” />

Natalia Poklonskaya

Instead of the words of the deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo, Natalya Poklonskaya, deputies of the Crimean Parliament should discuss a bill on permitting the development of specially protected areas and nature reserves, Poklonskaya told RBC. Earlier, she called the letter Z a symbol of tragedy and grief, and Sergei Dremov, a member of the Crimean parliament from the LDPR faction, then called for depriving her of state awards if she continues to make such statements.

“Let them discuss it. They really need to talk about something. Of course, it would be better to discuss the draft law on allowing the development of specially protected areas and natural reserves, but to speak from a high rostrum with an appeal to deprive the medal of the hated former prosecutor — it's much nicer. Here, old (maybe not old) accounts will be closed, otherwise the soul is calmer, — said Poklonskaya RBC.

The Latin letters Z and V have become symbols of a special military operation that Russia has been conducting in Ukraine since February 24. These letters are applied to Russian military equipment. The Ministry of Defense claimed that the letter Z means “For the victory”, and V — “Strength in Truth” and “The task will be completed.”

Poklonskaya criticized the use of the letter Z earlier in the day, on April 20, on the Live Nail YouTube channel. In her opinion, this symbol has acquired a tragic meaning both for Ukraine and for Russia, since Russian servicemen and citizens are also dying. “Parents get all sorts of news. It's trouble. After all, the Ministry of Defense says: so many died, so many wounded. Is this joy? No»,— she added.

“Just yesterday I watched an interview with our Crimean Natalya Vladimirovna. I think she needs to apologize. If this continues again, she must also be deprived of all titles and awards, & mdash; Deputy Sergei Dremov said at a meeting of the Crimean Parliament, RIA Novosti reported.

Speaker of the State Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov later said that after Dremov's words, applause sounded in the hall.

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The head of the Committee on Legislation of the Parliament of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Trofimov, in turn, said that the letter Z has become only a symbol of liberation “from neo-fascism”, and called for checking the interpretation of this symbol by Poklonskaya by the expert community, after which, he continued, if there are discrediting signs, it will be adopted an immediate decision.

After the statement by the head of Rossotrudnichestvo, Poklonskaya explained that she calls for “kindness, compassion and the ability to think independently, not collectively.” in conditions where hatred and fear are growing in society. She added that she insisted on the danger of “worshiping any symbols” because “history doesn't like that.” “On festive Easters, crosses are depicted, not military symbols. In kindergartens, they do exercises and teach poems about mother, peace and kindness, and do not line up children in military symbols, — explained the deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo.

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