Poland proposed to the EU to introduce a transport blockade of Russia

Warsaw wants to ban the transit of trucks with goods to Russia

At the next EU summit, the Polish authorities intend to raise the issue of a ban on the passage of trucks carrying goods to Russia. This was stated on the Polsat TV channel by the press secretary of the Polish Cabinet of Ministers, Piotr Müller.

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He , in particular, said that Warsaw would seek such a ban, but this decision is within the competence of the entire European community.

“We intend to raise this issue at the EU summit, as well as the issue of ports and other things,” – he said.

Müller added that the Polish authorities are ready to cut off Russia from supplies, but if Warsaw takes this step unilaterally, the trucks will bypass through the territory of Lithuania and Latvia.

In the meantime, added a spokesman for the Polish government, the country's authorities prefer to “thoroughly check” the trucks going to Russia.

Late last week, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki suggested tightening the sanctions against Russia, imposing a complete trade blockade against Moscow.

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