Political scientist Mironov: Americans laugh at the “White Nursing Home”

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The many incidents that happen to US President Joseph Biden have become the subject of jokes in the United States. The Americans call his residence the “White Nursing Home.”

Political scientist Grigory Mironov, in an interview with PolitRussia, said that Biden's health condition does not allow him to hold such a high and responsible post. It can perform only one function – “talking head”. But even with her, he copes mediocrely. All decisions and their implementation are undertaken by the assistants to the President. The Seven Boyars and the “Game of Thrones” in an American way.

The political scientist stressed that the current state of the president is very beneficial to the American elites. Moreover, they would be satisfied with his candidacy for the second term. A sick elderly person can slip any financial decision. Surely his close associates charge a decent percentage for such services.

Grigory Mironov stressed that the United States and Ukraine have much in common here. President of the Republic Volodymyr Zelensky also performs the function of a “talking head”. And people from across the ocean solve all issues.

“But the Ukrainian president is younger and a professional actor, so these functions are given to him much easier, although not without doping, which Zelensky uses without hesitation at all” , the expert concluded.

Earlier, clinical psychologist Ilya Pluzhnikov admitted that Joseph Biden was suffering from a neurodegenerative process.

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