Preparing the “Fourth Reich”: the plans of Western intelligence services for Ukrainian nationalists are assessed

Expert: “Newcomers from Ukraine will become the yeast on which a new European Nazism will sprout”

The collective West is the most active in intervening in the Ukrainian conflict. And he does it both loudly, with an eye to a powerful propaganda effect, and secretly, without much publicity. The President of the All-Russian Police Association, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of Russia, Lieutenant-General Yuri Zhdanov, spoke about how the CIA is preparing “rebels”-saboteurs against Russia for Ukraine, and what threatens the West itself.

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They never believed in her. The West has prepared a sad fate for Ukraine – to be the eternal irritant of Russia. It doesn't matter which – economic, political, military. And the so-called “insurgent” movement is another such irritant, when the resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be broken, so that a quiet life in the territory controlled by Russia does not come.

– The so-called “rebels” are terrorists and saboteurs with Nazi convictions. This was discussed in detail by Zak Dorfman in an article about the role of Ukrainian paramilitaries trained by the CIA. This article was published back in mid-January on Its author said that the CIA oversees a secret intensive training program in the United States for elite Ukrainian special operations forces and other intelligence officers. The program began back in 2015 and is taught at an undisclosed facility in the southern United States.

According to former officials, the CIA's weeks-long program included training in weapons handling, camouflage, ground navigation, communications, guerrilla tactics, reconnaissance and other techniques. The author of the article cites the words of one of the CIA employees, who claimed that the program taught Ukrainians to kill Russians: “We have been training these guys for eight years.”

– A little different. In fact, these “universities” never closed. Only the student population has changed. The most recent example is Afghanistan. It was the CIA who fostered the Taliban (an organization recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation) and Al-Qaeda (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) in order to resist the Soviet Union. And it was these organizations that eventually became fierce enemies of the United States. The Taliban kicked the Yankees out of their country last summer. And after all this, one former high-ranking CIA official sagely states that, they say, everything that happened to the Americans in Afghanistan now awaits Russians in abundance from the Ukrainian guys trained in the USA. If this is humor, then it is too subtle.

– Yes, and this is confirmed in her article, published in March in Unlimited Hangout, “Ukraine and the new Al-Qaeda” by American journalist Whitney Webb. She cites the views of former CIA officials and a former US Secretary of State that Ukraine, like Afghanistan and Syria, where models of “insurgency” movements have been tested, will plunge into the same chaos. Maybe it will be difficult for the Russians there, but what will the Ukrainians themselves have to do?

– As for peace and prosperity – not a single one. Moreover, the American-trained rebels completed the task to the end only once – in 1954, when they overthrew the president of Guatemala, invading from Honduras. This “wrong” president not only legalized the Communist Party in his country – he would have been forgiven for that. But he committed a terrible crime against the United States – he expropriated 400,000 acres of United Fruit banana plantations. And Americans should always have cheap bananas on the table. And he was overthrown by the “rebels”.

– Completely unsuccessful. As Ostap Bender would say, “low class, dirty work.” In 2007, ListVerse published the report “18 Secret CIA Mercenary Armies”. The list included Bandera, who were trained and supplied by the CIA from the air from 1945 to 1952, and the Chinese brigade in Burma, which soon found it more profitable to monopolize the local opium trade, and the Cuban Contras, completely killed in the Bay of Pigs.

Once the Americans turned an entire nation into rebels. In 1962, the Meo tribe, living in the mountains of Laos, was recruited by CIA agents to guerrilla fight against local communists. As a result, by 1975 the number of Meo, which in 1962 was a quarter of a million, was reduced to 10,000 refugees forced to flee in Thailand.

And no matter what episode you take, the CIA fosterlings either turn out to be drug dealers, commit mass murders, or are completely exterminated by government troops, or they are handed over with giblets by the American patrons themselves, or they break obedience and turn bayonets against their former masters. And out of all these 18 rebel projects, only one was more or less successful – in Guatemala, where they managed to defend bananas. Well, at least something.

– No, this is different. Well, we have already talked about the desire to drag out the conflict in Ukraine as long as possible. What for? In addition to various geopolitical and even ideological, that is, Russophobic reasons, there is also an ethno-demographic one. By the way, many European politicians talk about it without being too shy. They want as many Ukrainians as possible – white, law-abiding and well-educated people – to move to Europe. In contrast to the Middle Eastern and African migrants, who have not integrated in spite of the policy of multiculturalism. Europeans believe that Ukrainian migrants in the next generation will forget about their Ukrainianness and become the same tolerant “general people” as they are. And the longer the rebels resist Russia and, consequently, destroy Ukraine, the more “pale faces” will flee to the West.

“The West, thanks to the CIA, has driven itself into a trap. Moreover, even in the ranks of the CIA there are alarming forecasts that the Nazi rebels they are cultivating will become a new threat in the style of the Islamic State (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation). Former and current CIA officers have been prophesying since 2020 – and this has been leaked to the Western press – that the “transnational network of white supremacists”, now at the core of which are Ukrainian neo-Nazis fighting in the Donbass, should cause the next global catastrophe. Which will hit the world when the threat of Covid-19 recedes.

– They will complete what neither the communists, nor the Nazis, nor the terrorists and extremists of all stripes and trends succeeded. They will blow up and finally destroy European civilization. Judge for yourself. Not just fighters for Ukraine gathered in Azov (an extremist group banned in the Russian Federation) and other national battalions. These are no longer so much “bourgeois nationalists”, but fighters for “white supremacy”, outright Nazis and racists. That is why like-minded people from all over the world flock to them. Ukraine is just a pretext. What, an English, American or, say, a Swedish Nazi, is so concerned about Ukraine and he seeks to protect it from the “damned Muscovites” that he can’t even eat? This is just an excuse to unite for more important things and at the same time practice shooting at live targets. Note that most of the National Battalion members do not speak Ukrainian, they communicate in Russian. For them, this is not important. The main thing is the idea of ​​the superiority of the white race.

And now, imagine, the carriers of this idea come to Europe. And then there is multiculturalism. Do you think they will kneel before blacks and ask for forgiveness? They do not suffer from the complex of the penitent Madame Akhedzhakova. I have no doubt that all Caucasoid natives will happily support them, especially native Germans, Frenchmen, Englishmen and even Americans, who got stomach cramps due to unpunished outrages of colorful guests. And what about the authorities who invited these hordes of Afro-Asian migrants and obliged their citizens to love, feed and forgive them? How will the police react to the intolerant actions of the “Azovites” or others like them, who decided to arrange a lynching, whose side will they take? After all, the local police also do not like everything in the migration policy of their authorities. Refugees themselves will not stand aside, there are already millions of them and they are quite organized. And I'm not sure that the inevitable war of the “industrial North” with the “slave-owning South” in the new edition will end with the victory of the “North” this time.

– Even the Soviet government, which was by no means vegetarian, could not eradicate Bandera ideology in the children and grandchildren of the SS from the Galicia division. Who are now in Azov (an extremist group banned in the Russian Federation). Will a tolerant Europe interfere with this ideology? Aliens from Ukraine will become the yeast on which the new European Nazism will rise. And then, I'm afraid, we need to prepare for the emergence of the “Fourth Reich”.


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