Putin spoke at a concert-rally in Luzhniki: “Get rid of genocide”

More than 200,000 people gathered at the stadium

A concert-rally dedicated to the Day of the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia was held at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. Vladimir Putin came to the concert and delivered a keynote speech.

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Polina Gagarina, group ” Lube”, Vladimir Mashkov, Dmitry Pevtsov, Oleg Gazmanov, Timati and other stars performed at a concert-rally in the capital, which gathered more than 200 thousand people.

Putin dynamically appeared on the stage and began to speak on the go. “We are the multinational people of the Russian Federation,” Vladimir Vladimirovich began. – United by a common destiny, on their own land. These are the first lines of the basic law of Russia. Constitution. Each word is filled with deep meaning, has great meaning.

On their land, united by a common destiny: this is what people probably thought and were guided by when they went to the referendum in Crimea and Sevastopol on March 18, 2014. They lived and live on their own land, they wanted to live a common destiny with their historical homeland, with Russia, they had every right to do so. And they reached their goal! First of all, let's congratulate them on the holiday! This is their holiday! Congratulations!

The President also spoke about Russia's military special operation in Ukraine. He called its main goal – to save civilians from genocide, and, speaking of the Donbass, he quoted lines from the Bible: “There is no greater love than if someone lays down his life for his friends.”

Putin especially noted the heroism of the Russian military: “They cover each other, we have not had such unity for a long time.”

Maria Sittel and Dmitry Guberniev became the hosts of the solemn event.

Dmitry Pevtsov noted the significance of the event: “We all remember very well that the land of Crimea and Sevastopol was abundantly watered with the blood of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who saved the world from a terrible enemy, fascism,” Pevtsov emphasized. “But the history of the Russian Crimea goes back centuries.”

People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov read out the lines of Fyodor Tyutchev, which were written 150 years ago.

“Vain labor – no, they are not understand, –

The more liberal, the more vulgar they are,

Civilization is a fetish for them,

But her idea is inaccessible to them.

No matter how you bend before her, gentlemen,

You will not win recognition from Europe:

In her eyes you will always be


Not servants of enlightenment, but serfs.”

Mashkov clarified that the words of the great Russian poet resonate with today's time.

“The slaves are those who write libels in the back of our army,” Mashkov said. – Those who are trying to be politically correct in front of Europe and America, mired in hatred. We are Russian people. We love our country. We are for a world without Nazism. We are for our army. For our President, for our Motherland. For victory! We will win!”

The father of the deceased commander of the Sparta battalion Vladimir Zhogi, Artem Vladimirovich, also took part in the concert.

“Today, we, the inhabitants of Donbass, have only one dream,” Zhoga Sr. began. – Finish what you started. To liberate our land from the Nazi people… I am very worried. I would like to ask you to express your support for the Russian army, the guys who are now at the forefront, on the front line. Express support to our president, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Our cause is right. We will win! We are the future! For our children and future generations. For Russia! For Donbass! For victory! For the President! And for our friends!”

The host of the celebration, Maria Sittel, added that – and for the son-hero Artem Vladimirovich.

“Yes, and for my Volodya,” the father of the hero answered.

A video of Putin's speech at Luzhniki has appeared: the whole stadium was screaming

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