“RIA Novosti” reported on the identification in Kherson of a group of gunners of strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the agency, the special services detained a man who, for money, transferred data to the Ukrainian side for strikes on the places of deployment of the Russian military. At least two more members of this scheme have been identified

Servicemen on one of the streets of Kherson

Russian security forces have identified a group of Ukrainian agents in the Kherson region, which was engaged in adjusting the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the region, RIA Novosti reported. source.

According to him, while trying to film a video at a military facility, they detained a citizen of Ukraine born in 1990, an employee of a cannery, Andrei Tikunov, who previously served in the Donbass battalion. During a search, they found a drone “for pinpointing the coordinates of points of temporary deployment of the Russian military.”

“It turned out that he is a spotter of rocket and artillery fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which carried out shelling at the points of temporary deployment of one of the Russian army corps stationed in the Kherson region, and other locations of the Russian Armed Forces on the territory of Kherson and the region,” — the interlocutor said. Tikunov, according to the agency, after the start of the Russian military operation, subscribed to several Telegram channels, in which the locals were invited to post information about the deployment of the Russian military.

On the video recording of the testimony of the detainee, which, according to RIA Novosti, is at the disposal of the agency, he says that he came from the village to Kherson in early April to visit his mother and brother. “I saw that there was military equipment, an armored personnel carrier, a KamAZ, and I also saw that the Russian military was distributing humanitarian aid to civilians. I filmed it all and sent it. After that, I left for my village,»,— Tikunov reports. After that, he received a call from a woman who introduced herself as Lyuba and asked to continue to send such videos to her. He agreed and subsequently filmed checkpoints for her, as well as the civilians of Kherson and “billboards that said that Russia is here forever.”

Source “RIA Novosti” in the Russian special services explained that Lyubana was in fact Valeria Maslova, a former regular soldier of the Ukrainian 11th Kherson Army Aviation Brigade, and now— operator of the Center for Information and Psychological Operations of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This center ensures the processing of information received from local residents. According to the interlocutor of the agency, Maslova told Tikunov that she worked in the SBU, and for the information provided about the coordinates of the Russian troops, she transferred 550 hryvnia (about 1.5 thousand rubles at the April exchange rate) to him.

After that, Lyubadala Tikunov received another phone number, to which he sent the coordinates of the positions of the Russian military three times. For this, Maslova transferred different amounts of money to him each time.

In addition, she gave Tikunov the contact of a certain Dmitry, to whom he subsequently sent all the information received. “Subsequently, Dmitry got in touch with Tikunov several times, thanked him for the work done and asked him to provide as much information as possible about the activities and deployment of the Russian Armed Forces,” — added an enforcer. The data provided by Tikunov, after being rechecked by the SBU and intelligence, was transferred to the Ukrainian military for strikes against clusters of Russian equipment and military personnel.

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The Kherson region has been completely controlled by the Russian armed forces since mid-March. A military-civilian administration was created in it, which advocated the annexation of the region to Russia in the future.

July 10, RIA Novosti with reference to the testimony at his disposal, he reported on the detention of the administrator of the channel in Viber, through which the SBU learned information for launching missile strikes on Nova Kakhovka. The security forces also detained a resident of the city, who transmitted coordinates to the Ukrainian side via a Telegram bot.

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