Roskomnadzor blocked the sites of the publications “Vot so” and “Interfax-Ukraine”

Access to the websites of Vot so and Interfax-Ukraine is limited at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office. The site of the writer Exler, pages of the True Russia movement and other resources

Roskomnadzor blocked the websites of Vot tak, Interfax-Ukraine and “”. The Roskomsvoboda portal was the first to draw attention to this. The information is confirmed by the Roskomnadzor service to check access restrictions to sites or pages on the Internet.

Edition “Like this” was blocked by “mask”, that is, with all domains and subdomains, noted in Roskomsvoboda.

By the same decision, the website of the Russian writer and blogger Alexei Exler was blocked (several links were previously banned), the Russian-language version of the Latvian portal Open, the pages of the Unchain charity project and the Real Russia movement, the news publications and Lvivsky portal”, several discussions on a forum dedicated to psychology, and a number of other links.

Access to these resources is limited at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office on the basis of Art. 15.3 of the Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”. It regulates the procedure for blocking sites that contain calls for riots, extremism, participation in illegal mass actions or false socially significant information distributed under the guise of reliable.

Exler said that his website provider in Norway was required to take down two posts. The first one contained a quote from journalist Alexander Nevzorov (the Ministry of Justice entered him into the register of foreign media agents), and in another post “there was a quote from an article that hung on the website of the Ministry of Defense for a day, and then it was removed, claiming a hack,” he wrote.

In total, since the beginning of the year, the agency has restricted access to more than 135,000 materials containing prohibited information. Among the latter, the site of the Kholod publication was blocked. journalist Taisiya Bekbulatova (included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of foreign media agents), the Russian-language website The Moscow Times, the websites of the French radio RFI, the online encyclopedia of fine arts WikiArt, and the website of the online publication Novaya Gazeta. Europe».

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