Roskosmos will produce 46 combat missile systems “Sarmat”

"Roskosmos" will produce 46 Sarmat strategic missile systems, said the head of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin on the air of the Solovyov Live channel.

According to him, the new combat systems will be installed in those mines where the Voevodas are located. “A whole line of tests” is provided; missiles.

«During this year we plan to carry out flight design tests. At the same time, we are making mass-produced missiles to equip the first regiment in the Krasnoyarsk Territory – this is the Uzhur division,” Rogozin said. . The Ministry of Defense stated that the launch tasks were completed in full. Journalists from American publications described it as “capable of creating hell on Earth”. Vladimir Degtyar, the new rocket can provide a trajectory around the entire globe. In addition, it can be used to strike from any direction.

Let's add, Major General of Aviation Sergey Lipovoy told the characteristics of the Sarmat missile, which make it unique.


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