Rossel remembered the Ural Republic and preferences for the region

The Urals Republic should not be perceived as separatism, raising the status of the region was necessary to cope with the crisis, Rossel said. Now, he believes, the Sverdlovsk region needs “special conditions” for the development of

Eduard Rossel

Senator, ex-governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel remembered the Ural Republic and explained the decision to declare it, pointing out that in the last days I heard this phrase “in a negative context, in the context of separatism and the collapse of Russia.”

The Ural Republic was proclaimed on July 1, 1993 by the Sverdlovsk Regional Council against the backdrop of the drafting of the Russian Constitution. Initially, according to the project, the republics within Russia had exclusive rights and priority in the formation of their budget, unlike the regions. The Ural Republic existed for five months— until November 9, 1993. It was liquidated after the decrees of President Boris Yeltsin on the dissolution of the Sverdlovsk Regional Council and the removal of Eduard Rossel from the post of head of the administration of the Sverdlovsk Region.

“Imagine the situation: 1992-1993. The federal center does not control anything, everything falls apart, factories stop, rallies, strikes, demonstrations are all around, — Rossel wrote in his Telegram. According to him, Tatarstan and other republics received preferences, in contrast to the Sverdlovsk region, “where almost all defense enterprises are concentrated.”

Rossel at that time served as head of the regional administration. According to the politician, he and his colleagues in the government of the region came to the conclusion that the Sverdlovsk region needs to be upgraded in order to maintain strategic production and get out of the financial crisis. Rossel decided to achieve a new status for the region. At the regional referendum, which took place on April 25, 1993, 83.4% of voters voted for this decision with a turnout of 67%.

“I did not show self-will, I acted strictly in accordance with the constitution in force at that time. The main goal of raising the status of the Sverdlovsk region to the level of a republic was to increase its level within the Russian Federation and acquire greater economic and legislative independence, — Rossel emphasized.

According to the politician, “the time of the most difficult crisis would have ended for the Sverdlovites much earlier” if Yeltsin “had not been frightened, had not listened to the hysterics that <… > whispered in his ear— “Rossel is a separatist, the collapse of Russia is coming, a precedent cannot be created.”

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Now, Rossel believes, when “the transition of the economy to a new track is required,” the Sverdlovsk region needs “special conditions for its progressive development.” and preferences for the development of the domestic market of heavy industry. The region needs a special status— economic, political, tax, investment, he believes. “And my experience should be taken as a basis for making decisions at a new historical stage, and not populist speeches. Ural Republic— this is about the preservation and strategic development of the Sverdlovsk region and Russia, and not about Rossel's separatism, — concluded the senator.

Rossel became chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Council of People's Deputies in 1990. A year later, he was appointed to the post of head of the administration of the Sverdlovsk region. In this post, he adhered to a policy aimed at obtaining economic independence for the region. Offering the creation of the Ural Republic, he explained its necessity as follows: “We do not need sovereignty, but we really need economic and legislative independence.”

In 1994, he was elected to the Sverdlovsk Regional Duma and took the post of its chairman. The following year, he won the election of the governor of the region, which he held until 2009. In December 2009, Rossel was appointed a senator to the Federation Council.

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