Russia expanded the first list of unfriendly countries

Russia has expanded the first list of unfriendly countries with restrictions on embassies This is the 2021 list, which involves restrictions on embassies in response to unfriendly actions. In 2022, another list of unfriendly countries was created related to Russia's financial obligations to them

The building of the Croatian Embassy in Moscow

The government expanded the list of countries that commit unfriendly actions against Russian diplomats.

Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia got there. They will be limited in their ability to hire employees in embassies, consulates and government offices located in Russia.

“Greece has a limit of 34 people, Denmark— 20, for Slovakia— 16»,— the message says. Slovenia and Croatia will be banned from hiring employees.

In April 2021, Vladimir Putin signed a decree “on the application of measures to influence (counter) unfriendly actions of foreign states”, restricting hiring in diplomatic missions of countries unfriendly to Russia. In May of the same year, the United States and the Czech Republic were included in the list. The Czech Republic was allowed to enter into employment contracts with only 19 individuals in Russia, the United States— with no one.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that Moscow would not indiscriminately include any country on this list, such decisions would be made on the basis of an analysis of the situation and the study of opportunities to deal with the country in an alternative way.

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