Russian pornstar Rita Fox sentenced to 14 days behind bars after flashing butt in raunchy Kremlin photoshoot

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By Jonny Tickle

Russian adult film star Rita Fox has been sentenced to 14 days in jail for “disorderly conduct” after publishing a series of photos with naked buttocks in front of the Kremlin, the official residence of President Vladimir Putin.

Fox, whose real name is Ksenia Damova, reported her fate via her Telegram channel, where she publishes a selection of raunchy images.

“Hello, everyone. Here’s the news: I’ve been jailed for 14 days after all. I’ll be punished for disorderly conduct,” she wrote.

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The case with Rita Fox is the latest in a string of punishments to be handed out for baring booty in a Russian public place.

In August, blogger Elena Nikiforovskaya was sentenced to three days in prison after flashing her behind in front of the entrance to a police department. She also published photos showing her butt in other parts of the city, including in front of another government building.

В Екатеринбурге модель арестовали на трое суток за провокационное фото у отдела полиции: она была в куртке, похожей на форменную, и со спущенными штанами. Подобное фото девушка делала парламента региона — но там обошлосьФото: nikiforovskaya / Instagram

— (@znak_com) August 2, 2021

She was shortly followed by activist Alina Ivanova, who bared her buttocks outside another police station in Moscow in solidarity with Nikiforovskaya. She was later given five days in prison for disorderly conduct.

Last week, a court in Moscow sentenced Tajik blogger Ruslan Bobiev (real name Ruslani Murojonzod) and his Russian girlfriend Asya Akimova (Anastasia Chistova) to 10 months behind bars for simulating oral sex in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral on the city’s iconic Red Square. They were punished under laws criminalizing actions undertaken “with the purpose of insulting the religious feelings of believers.”

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There are also two other prominent nudity cases outstanding. Russian OnlyFans star Lola Bunny (Lolita Bogdanova) is also under investigation for “insulting the religious feelings of believers” after flashing her breasts in Red Square. She has apologized and claims the video was leaked without her consent.

The final case surrounds Irina Volkova, a Ukrainian model who flashed her bum outside Saint Petersburg’s famous St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Although she was arrested, she was later released but still faces potential criminal proceedings for insulting the feelings of believers.

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