Senator Pushkov: Russia’s position will force the West to buy gas in rubles

He clarified that the West is currently considering the new terms of trade and making appropriate decisions.

Photo: pixabay. com

Senator Alexei Pushkov, in an interview with Parlamentskaya Gazeta, said that Western countries would be forced to pay in rubles for natural gas from Russia if the Russian Federation takes a principled position on this issue.

He clarified that that at the moment the West is comprehending the new terms of trade and making appropriate decisions.

“Someone will insist on settlements in dollars and euros, someone will be ready to pay in rubles. Therefore, if Russia defends its position, then our counterparties will simply have no choice,” Pushkov added.

According to him, Moscow's decision to transfer payments for gas into rubles can change the configuration of the global economy. Moreover, the reformatting was not initiated by Russia. The reason for such unexpected decisions is the economic war declared by the Russian Federation a long time ago.

“In such circumstances, we must engage in reformatting that will fully meet our needs and interests. In the future, these steps may lead to the strengthening of the ruble,” Pushkov stressed.


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