Sobyanin allowed cafe owners not to clean summer verandas

Among the support measures for businesses, Sobyanin also announced the extension of more than 1,000 contracts for trade in non-stationary facilities, the indexation of payments and the simplification of the coordination of redevelopment on the ground floors

In Moscow, cafe and restaurant owners will be allowed not to dismantle summer verandas at the end of the season , if the structures do not interfere in the winter, said the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin.

“At the request of the cafe owners, they were allowed not to dismantle the summer verandas at the end of the current season. Not all, of course, but only those who will not interfere with anyone in winter— approximately 200 designs»,— he wrote.

To avoid dismantling, the veranda should be located on:

  • yard areas of non-residential buildings;
  • private land plots;
  • on the outer surfaces of buildings;
  • in city parks.

At the same time, according to the mayor, the main measure to support non-stationary trade will be the abolition of indexation of payments. “For the right to work in 2022, entrepreneurs will pay at last year’s rates. In addition, we will give a deferment until December 31, 2022 for payment for the second quarter. These solutions will help keep the business of the owners of 4,000 street kiosks in all districts of Moscow,— Sobyanin pointed out.

He also announced that more than 1 thousand contracts for trade in non-stationary objects, which expire before the end of this year, will be extended to 2023, and redevelopment for business owners on the ground floors will be possible do without coordination with the Moscow Committee for Architecture.

In addition, Sobyanin announced a long-term order for the supply of electric buses and metro cars. He noted that despite the difficulties with Western components, not a single Russian supplier has abandoned its obligations. “In the near future, we will form a long-term program for the supply of rolling stock until 2026. Thus, domestic machine builders and component suppliers will receive guarantees of stable operation in the long term,— noted the mayor.

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At the end of March, Sobyanin sent a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, asking him to cancel or reduce the mandatory requirements for businesses by 1.5 trillion rubles. per year, Vedomosti reported. The measures proposed by the mayor relate to the sphere of labor, motor transport, catering, education, food production, tourism and fire safety.

Earlier, Sobyanin also announced the launch of a soft lending program for small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow . According to him, organizations will be able to receive loans at a rate of 15% for replenishment of working capital and investments, and for investment purposes for projects in the field of science and IT will be given loans at a rate of 7%. Moscow authorities will provide grants for the creation of import-substituting industries in any sectors of the economy, the maximum amount & mdash; 100 million rubles, and a quarter of the amount can be received in advance, the mayor pointed out.

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