Spectator: Burbock played into Putin’s hands in the Nord Stream situation

Photo: Global Look Press

By asking Canada to return the turbine for Nord Stream, German Foreign Minister Annalene Burbock played into the president's hands Russia to Vladimir Putin. The diplomat acknowledged that Germany would stop supporting Ukraine in the event of a gas shortage.

Spectator journalist Katya Hoyer came to this conclusion. She said that Burbock confirmed the reasons why she urged Ottawa to return the equipment. The minister said that otherwise Berlin would not receive gas and instead of helping Ukraine, it would have to deal with major social unrest.

According to Katya Hoyer, the authorities are terrified of an impending energy crisis.

“Germany is still visibly nervous: it is not clear whether it will have enough gas to survive the winter,” the article says.

Earlier, Annalena Burbock, in response to accusations, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland spoke about the difficulties with circular supplies of tanks to Ukraine, previously promised to Warsaw.

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