Sports out of politics? Experts discussed the “cancellation” of Russia at world competitions

The removal of Russian athletes from the championships had the opposite effect – they rallied

On Tuesday, April 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin with top athletes of the country and held a meeting on the development of mass sports in Russia. At the event, the head of state once again stressed that there are no unfriendly countries in sports. And we are happy to welcome everyone who supports sports without artificial restrictions. He also spoke about the removal of Russian athletes from international competitions, saying that athletes were discriminated against for purely political reasons, based on their nationality and citizenship. The situation that is happening today and very clearly demonstrates the “cancellation” syndrome. Russia, and discussed at the round table of the Expert Institute for Social Research on the topic & nbsp; "Transformation of consolidation: from sports unity– to civil».


Mikhail Mamonov, head of the VTsIOM political analysis practice, cited the results of a recent poll of Russians. According to him, 88% of respondents, which is an extremely high figure, are aware of the facts of the exclusion of Russian athletes from participating in international competitions. Also, 88% believe that such decisions are unacceptable. 90% believe that the decisions are unfair. 90% say that the principle «Sport– out of politics” is not respected. And this opinion prevails in all age groups. 63% of respondents support athletes who refuse to participate in competitions if they become political.

“Thus, if we summarize all the numbers, we can talk about a public consensus regarding the abolition of Russian sports. This is one of the most sensitive areas, because we are proud of it,” Mamonov said.

With the fact that the key principle of international competitions – be out of politics – not observed, Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva, Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on Physical Culture and Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle, agrees.

“It would be interesting for me, as a sports historian, to clarify with my colleagues, in what period of time the thesis“ Sport – out of politics? He has always been an instrument of politics, a part of it. It's time to take off our rose-colored glasses. Athlete-champion – this is a hero, the person who motivates us to accomplish, who allows us to be proud of our country. For many years, in all commercials, in all pop culture, there were only foreign athletes. The world is trying to cancel the Russian heroes, so they do not need our athletes on the podium. This gradually went on for more than one year. Therefore, what is happening is much deeper than the removal of athletes from participating in starts. We believe in our culture and our ideals, so now we have begun to rally. Now is the turning point,” she said.

Grandmaster Sergey Karyakin is also convinced that a war is being waged against Russian sports. According to the chess player, the mere fact that you are a Russian is already enough to keep you out of the competition.

“I thought a lot about how to deal with the current situation and I think that we need to concentrate on activities within Russia and with friendly countries. The moment we have more tournaments of our own, it will become psychologically easier for us. To fight for medals without an anthem and a flag, in my opinion, is humiliating. It is also worth considering the creation of sports alternative organizations. There should be support from both Russian sponsors and the state, so that athletes feel that they are taken care of, that their victories are important,” said Karyakin.

He also expressed the opinion that Russia should not recognize the results of those competitions in which our athletes were suspended.

“We have our own Chess Olympiad and the Russian team was suspended from there, despite the fact that most of the athletes did not make any statements on the current situation. That is, without the strongest athletes, events are planned. Who are they trying to fool here? Will these be well-deserved medals?" – he said.

According to the Russian swimmer, two-time Olympic champion Evgeny Rylov, today swimmers have to adapt to the situation. So far, athletes have been suspended from world and European competitions until the end of the year, but it is not known whether this suspension will continue further.

“We can show results simply on a stopwatch. However, the question is whether they will be counted? Although, according to all the rules, at the national championships, any athlete from any country could set a world record or his own continent,” the athlete complained.

Senator from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra and a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Paralympic Games "We are together. Sport" Eduard Isakov stressed that the development of children's and youth sports, the development of the Olympic reserve is underway, and in the near future the president will give new instructions for the development of physical education in the country as a whole. He shared Ugra's experience in creating sports competitions within the country, instead of world competitions that failed.

“On March 2, the President of the International Paralympic Committee, Andrew Parsons, admitted the Russian team to the Paralympic Games in Beijing. But after a few days, almost at the start, our team was removed. I saw that the guys were ready for any decision. Therefore, it was necessary to conduct alternative games. The problem was that by that time it was already the beginning of March. Not all regions have snow left, not everywhere there is an infrastructure that is not just sports, but also adapted for these athletes. And now Ugra got ready and held the games already on March 16, there was actually a week to prepare. But we managed to do everything at the highest level,” he said.

At the end of the table, the experts agreed that, despite attempts to divide society, on the contrary, there is a high consolidation. This can become a stimulating factor for the development of domestic sports.

“We have been watching the West attack us with all the power of the “cancellation” culture for more than a week now. The result to which this led is the opposite of what was intended. People get the feeling that Russian athletes are being treated unfairly, which has an emotional impact. People begin to experience it as their own business. On this basis, our interest in sports and competitions within the country may increase,” concluded political scientist Anna Fedorova.


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